Looking for a thoughtful Gift to reinforce that special bond?

Try the new collection inspired by the one who is the wind beneath your wing, makes you appreciate everything that Life is. Each design is crafted in precious gold and the best handpicked diamonds to match those sensibilities.

Gift your favorite Verlas jewelry, handcrafted with love, to say #YouMadeItPossible.

New Verlas Designs inspired by the wind beneath your wings: Your Mother, Father, Sibling, Mentor, or a special loved one.

Everlasting Flowers

La Fleur Collection celebrates the effortless art-of-giving from the Mother in our lives whose source of happiness lies within ours. Express your love and gratitude with flowers that last forever.

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Spectacular Silhouettes

Circular and Heart Silhouettes beautifully encapsulate the limitless love of a Mom or a Mom-like figure. The Collection reflects their constant desire in helping us transition through life, gracefully. Just like their love, create endless possibilities from layering these spectacular silhouettes, to suit their style.

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Gorgeous Butterfly

The Butterfly Collection is an ode to the magnetism & endurance of a Butterfly that is a natural symbol of hope, life, and seamless transformation. Their magnificent life is a constant reminder of the same endurance, joy, and evolution that we experience in our relationships with ourselves as well as our loved ones. Add a touch of magic to their aura with these beautiful reminders of love and life.

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