How does it Work?

Have you found the perfect piece of jewelry? Get it with Affirm and pay over time!

Why Affirm?

    Enter your information to help Affirm verify your identity and provide an instant decision on your loan.
    Affirm confirms every transaction and login with a pin to prevent unauthorized use and to keep your account safe.
    You can choose a loan that fits your budget. Pay over time at or enable auto payments anytime.
    You’ll never pay late fees, hidden charges, or service fees. You always know exactly what you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying.


  • 1. Does Affirm Finance affect my Credit Score?
    Your credit score will not be affected by creating an Affirm account or checking if you pre-qualify. If you decide to buy with Affirm, this may affect your credit score.
  • 2. Does Verlas charge a fee to use the Affirm Payment option?
    Verlas does not charge a fee to use the Affirm payment plan. The T&Cs of your payment plan, including any interest charges, are determined directly between the client and Affirm.
  • 3. Does Affirm charge interest and fees?
    Affirm doesn’t charge late fees, service fees, pre-payment, or hidden fees. When you pay with Affirm, your annual percentage rate (APR) will be between 0 – 36%. Affirm will show you upfront the total amount of interest you’ll pay and will never charge you a penny more.
  • 4. Can I return the jewelry I bought with Affirm?
    You can return an item you bought with Affirm by initiating the return process.
  • 5. Why do I need a mobile phone number to apply and use Affirm?
    You need to submit your mobile number from the U.S. or U.S. territories which will help Affirm verify that you are creating your account and signing in.