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A Modern Luxury Experience

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“In an overcomplicated industry that’s trying too hard to change, we’re not trying to be different—we just want to be perfect.”

Our Story

Perfected Designs

We’re not trying to mess with the gorgeous, timeless, classic designs that have already captured your heart. What we do is elevate them to a groundbreaking standard of comfort and fit. All Verlas jewelry is thoughtfully crafted to feel as good as it looks—from sourcing the finest materials to refining our rings with a twist-free “Comfort Fit” band.

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Our Story

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Verlas offers quality diamond jewelry you can feel good about. We only use ethically-sourced, top-tier diamonds from world-class mines, set in the finest 95% platinum and 14- and 18- karat gold.

Press Features

Verlas is loved for its perfection in designer-quality diamond jewelry and price transparency with engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry for self-gifting as well as gifting for any occasion.

Our Story
  • A perfected shopping experience.

    Proprietary 3D viewing technology called ‘Every-Angle-View’ that enables you to view diamond jewelry as you would in-store.

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  • Try-At-Home: Confidence in every purchase.

    Try exact replicas of our perfected diamond jewelry to make sure you love it before you buy it.

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  • Designer-quality jewelry worth keeping forever.

    With premium Verlas Care service, we’ll always keep your perfected diamond looking as good as new.

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  • Upgrade to a piece even more eye-catching.

    We practice circularity and practicality. With Verlas Care, you can upgrade your Verlas jewelry to any piece of 50% greater value.

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  • Change your mind? We’ll buy it back.

    Verlas jewelry never has to go to waste (or sit unused in your jewelry box). With Verlas Care, we’ll credit you top-dollar for your Verlas jewelry.

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