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The Summer breeze is here! After the ice-cold winters, there is no match for well-lit summers soaked in the sun’s warm rays, filled with outdoor parties, cool drinks, and light apparel paired with summer jewelry. Indeed, the onset of summer brings with it new possibilities and perspectives.

Summer also calls for countless reasons to celebrate – be it the birthdays, garden parties, or summer weddings, there is always a need for the perfect summer style. As much as our closets are about to get a major makeover, why miss out on accessorizing?

And so, we bring to you an exquisite summer jewelry collection to elevate your look this summer. Ace the season by blending in some of the most dazzling combinations of everyday jewels you can sport in the sunny days ahead. Our collection is meant to help you catch some rays, some waves, in style.

Here are Some of Our Favorite Summer Pieces

  • Lucky Charm
  • (Lucky necklace, lucky studs & captivating tennis bracelet)

    If you’re looking for fine summer jewelry to complement your favorite summer dress, wearing some flowery jewelry pieces will do the trick.  Choose a delicate Lucky Necklace with a pair of Lucky Studs and team it up with our best-selling Captivating Tennis Bracelet to add to your charm.

  • Minimalist Flair
  • (Blossom studs, essential round necklace, & signature emerald halo bolo bracelet)

    Don’t we just love wearing summer jewelry that does not come in the way of our daily routine? If you’re someone who likes sticking to minimalistic trends that never go out of style, these minimal pieces have a mystique that’s unparalleled. Choose this dainty Essential Round Necklace with a pair of Blossom Studs and pair it with a Signature Emerald Halo Bolo Bracelet to perfect your everyday look.

  • Signature Style
  • (Signature princess halo ring & round embellished band)

    Set the summer jewelry trends with these gorgeous pairs of rings. Choose this beautiful Signature Princess Halo Ring, a versatile modern classic for the upcoming backyard BBQ with family and friends. Accentuate the look by stacking it with an elegant Round Embellished Band.

  • Classic Stunners
  • (captivating tennis bracelet & crossover statement band)

    While classics always stand the test of time, some exquisite pieces are definite conversation starters, be it the everyday style or a special occasion. Choose a Captivating Tennis Bracelet paired beautifully with a Crossover Statement Band that gives your style a breath of fresh summer flair.

  • Contemporary Magic
  • (Lucky necklace, lucky studs & Signature princess ring)

    If you’re looking for a brightening, freshening, and all summer look, then these effortless diamond jewelry pieces add just the right amount of shine to your style! Choose this beautifully designed Lucky Necklace with a pair of Lucky Studs and complete your look with a perfected Signature Princess Ring.

  • Timeless look
  • (Blossom studs, essential round necklace, & round embellished band)

    If you’re looking for a simple yet alluring style for this season, then these delicate pieces of brilliance are just what you need! Choose a dainty and classic Essential Round Necklace, don a pair of Blossom Studs, style it with a sleek Round Embellished Band and you are all set to step-out for the reunion brunch.

    This summer is all about bringing positivity and brightness to your life and your summer jewelry collection. Channel the spirit of summer with the above-mentioned versatile pieces of jewelry that have the potential to elevate any outfit.

    While a new season calls for discovering new looks and adding to your existing jewelry collection, having a personal style and being yourself is still the trendiest thing. Discover Verlas designer-quality diamond jewelry with meticulously handcrafted designs that are meant just for you!

    Celebrate your beauty with designs that are true to who you are.

    Let the season inspire you to #BetheSunshine !

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